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Real Fruit Smoothies

All of our fruit smoothies are naturally sweetened and no added sugar or sweeetner just real fruit! You no longer need to break the bank to eat healthy! 

Regular size 3.50 & Large $5

Bowls $6.50

We have 3 different Bowls, we have the top selling Acai Bowl, the delicious & energizing Matcha bowl, and the Sweet & filling Breakfast Bowl. 

6.50 each

Iced coffees reg $3  lg $4

Our Iced coffees are delicious and  freshly brewed daily so many to choose from!

*Caramel Iced coffees  *Iced Mocha *Iced Caramel mocha              * Iced White Mocha * tuxedo mocha * sugar free Caramel 

 * sugar free hazelnut!

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G.M.recommends One Drop Cafe.

March 26 at 3:41 PM ·

Delicious options😋 at reasonable prices..

check out some out our prices

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Our Lemonades are delicious and refreshing you can have it plain or our other delicious infused lemonades

*strawberry lemonade  *blueberry lemonade 

*dark cherry lemonade  *BlackBerry lemonade *black tea lemonade *green tea lemonade  *herbal tea lemonade 

Reg. $3 Lg $4 

More Menu Items

Yyogurt Parfait

Made fresh!


Blended creams 

Cookies & cream  (pictured)

Reg. $3.50



Blended  coffees 

White mocha, caramel, mocha, caramel mocha, vanilla, tuxedo mocha

Reg. $3.50



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